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Ruth A. Myers Library/Ojibwe Archives

Scope of the Collection
The existing library collection falls into three broad categories: general, specialized, and reference; collection formats include print, non-print, and electronic. General materials support and enhance Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College course/program materials/texts and include professional materials on theory and practice within instructed disciplines; education of special groups, particularly Native Americans; technical reports; and working papers on higher education, community colleges, and tribal colleges. Specialized materials include works by/about Native American authors/illustrators, works of or about Native American literature, works of Native American issues/themes, regional history materials, and archival materials relating to the college and tribal groups of the region. Reference materials cover the scope of the collection and disciplines.

General Circulating Collection
The general circulating collection exists primarily to support Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College courses and programs, with emphasis reflecting instructional disciplines, student assignments, faculty reserve requests, interlibrary loan requests, and other requests. Included are professional materials and materials specifically related to community colleges and tribal colleges. As need is demonstrated, materials in educational administration and policy related to higher education will be acquired. Specialized titles of advanced research, highly technical books of limited interest, foreign publications, international documents, and dissertations/theses are not usually acquired. The library does not collect materials of historical importance except for those relating to Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College; Anishinaabe and Fond du Lac tribal history, culture, and sovereignty; selected Native American materials; and regional history as defined by the scope of the Minnesota Collection.

The general collection includes subdivisions of Anishinaabe, juvenile literature, young adult, Minnesota/regional history, and oversized materials.

Anishinaabe Collection
Includes materials directly related to or about Anishinaabe/Ojibwe and other American Indian history, culture, and sovereignty in Minnesota, Wisconsin, the eastern Dakotas, southern Ontario, and surrounding regions as appropriate. Due to interest in and course assignments requiring access to Anishinaabe materials, some titles will be purchased in multiple copies.

Minnesota Collection
As Minnesota was historically part of larger territories, this regional collection includes current and historic materials relating to Minnesota, Wisconsin, the eastern Dakotas, southern Ontario. Works by or about regional, especially Minnesota, authors/illustrators will be included in the Minnesota Collection.

Juvenile/Young Adult Collection
A strong, representative collection of Native American literature for children and young adults will be maintained in the library. This collection includes materials written or illustrated by Native Americans and materials on Native American issues/topics. As budget permits, historic editions will be acquired.

Those materials too large to fit on the normal stacks are located in a separate area on shelves adjusted to accommodate the larger sizes.

Reference Collection
The reference collection includes but is not limited to basic reference tools such as general interest encyclopedias, almanacs, dictionaries, handbook, and indices. However, the emphasis of the reference collection is on materials directly related to Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College courses and programs, including specialized indices, yearbooks, statistical sources, and bibliographies. Resource materials which support the library's general collection are extensively acquired. Within budget and other resource limitations, the latest editions/revisions of specialized reference tools will be acquired. General encyclopedias are usually purchased on a two-year cycle. Reference materials in other collection areas, e.g., Minnesota Collection, Anishinaabe Collection, will be cataloged in the general reference collection.

Reserve Collection
The reserve collection consists of items temporarily placed on reserve per faculty request and items purchased for reserve from library funds, the latter being specifically those monographic and audiovisual materials required for reserve for Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College courses. Faculty members who request reserve materials must submit their request on the forms provided by the library. Reserve requests for purchase must be made a minimum of two months prior to the beginning of the semester or session for which the titles are needed. Because preference is given to adding a variety of titles, purchase of reserve titles is generally limited to single copies unless or until need is demonstrated for multiple copies. When removed from reserve status, purchased materials will be placed in the appropriate collection area.

The library provides a selective inventory of periodicals, i.e., journals, newspapers, newsletters, supporting Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College curricular and professional needs, with retention determined in large part by space and budget limitations. Because of the long-term expense represented by most periodical titles, substantial need must be demonstrated before addition of new titles, especially when requested titles are available in the transfer institution and local public libraries. To the greatest extent possible, all Native American periodicals will be collected and maintained in their entirety. The periodicals list is reviewed annually for budget and use considerations by library staff as well as being submitted for faculty review.

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