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The Grant Process
Creating the Proposal
Frequently Requested Data
Procedures Manual
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Glossary of Terms

Prospective Sponsored Programs Form-Intent to Apply
Complete this form when it is determined that you intend to apply for a grant that has been advertised.

Proposal Transmittal Routing Form
Complete this form prior to the proposal being distributed for signatures and approval prior to submission. Signatures must be obtained for the proposal will not be submitted.

Post Award Checklist Summary
This form will be completed in the post-award meeting with the PI and the Business Office. It assures that all areas have been discussed with the PI.

Request for New Award Set-Up
This form is completed and given to the Business Office for financial accounting processes.

Time and Effort by Grant
This form will be completed by the PI for documentation of time and effort of all employees working on the project.

Time and Effort Anticipated by Employee
This form will be completed by the employee for anticipated time and effort on a grant project.

Time and Effort Actual by Employee
This form will be completed by the employee every pay period to document their time and effort on the grant project.

Narrative Report Review Checklist
This form follows any reporting narratives that must be completed during the granting period. The appropriate signatures must be received before the report may be submitted.

Equipment Record Form
Use this form to document any equipment purchased with grant funds for the project.

Budget Modification
Use this form to adjust budget amounts from one line item to another.

Retroactive Funds Transfer
Complete this form to transfer charges from one budget to another.

Emergency Expenditure Request
Complete this form when you have not completed the appropriate expenditure documents in the appropriate time for processing.

Subaward Agreement
This form must be completed by Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College and any subaward institution or agency prior to funds being dispersed.

Subaward Agreement Report Requirements
This form will be completed outlining the appropriate reporting requirements of the subaward agency.

Approval Request for Change in Sponsored Program
This form is completed for changes in the original grant award including but not limited to change in PI, change in budget, extensions of grant.

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